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Raluca Balasa


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Science Fiction and Fantasy

Raluca Balasa holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Nevada, Reno. Her short work has appeared in such venues as Andromeda Spaceways, Aurealis, the Mithila Review, and Grimdark Magazine. Her debut science fiction novel, BLOOD STATE, released from Renaissance Press in September of 2020.
Currently, Raluca works as a freelance editor and English teacher in the Toronto area. She loves instrumental music, pickles, and birds.

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Blood State

September 2020

"With its vividly realized alien world, complex characters, and fast-paced political conflict, Blood State is a book you won't want to put down. This gripping and suspenseful thriller --  seamlessly combining ecology, medical mystery, and clan rivalry -- gives new meaning to the term 'cold war,' and heralds Raluca Balasa as a major new writer."

--- Susan Palwick, author of The Necessary Beggar .

“Raluca Balasa's Blood State crackles with political intrigue and scientific mystery. Secrets and lies, mistaken identity, reluctant leaders and tyrants, bonds made, twisted or shattered--and driving it all, the fierce and implacable cold. I won't be alone in my impatience to return to Tählti, and the people fighting to survive there. Congratulations to Balasa on a stunning debut."

--- Caitlin Sweet, author of The Pattern Scars

“I was completely entranced by Blood State’s tale of competing factions struggling for survival on a frozen planet. Raluca Balasa delivers reams of political intrigue, complex and conflicted characters, and gripping action sequences, all in a setting both brutal and exotic. Blood State is a terrific sci-fi novel by an exciting and talented young writer.”

--- David Anthony Durham, author of the Acacia trilogy

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